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'Smilies' are small graphical images that can be used to convey an emotion or feeling. If you have used email or internet chat, you are likely familiar with the smilie concept. Certain standard strings are automatically converted into smilies. Try twisting your head on one side if you do not 'get' smilies; using a bit of imagination should reveal a face of some description.

If you want to disable smilies in a post that you make, you can select the 'Disable Smilies' option when posting. This is particularly useful if you are posting program code and you do not want ;) converted to a smilie face!

Generic Smilies
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
121pxrk 121pxrk 121pxrk
:hunter: :hunter: :hunter:
:12587: 0718 0718
29ntk 29ntk 29ntk
:pagal: :pagal: :pagal:
:lolzzz: loldddd loldddd
Salam salam salam
:ati: ati ati
[-( no talking no talking
=)) rolling on the floor rolling on the floor
:smilestar; smilestar smilestar
:-O surprize surprize
agree': i agree i agree
:stick: beating beating
;;) eyeleshes eyeleshes
:thinking: thinking thinking
:gossipe: gossip gossip
:rose: rose rose
:sad: sad sad
:cool: Cool Cool
:dialing: phone phone
:hansi: hansi hansi
:eek: EEK! EEK!
:help: help help
:"> blushing blushing
:Aslam-o-Alaikum: Aslam-o-Alaikum Aslam-o-Alaikum
:crying: crying crying
:g/nite: good night good night
:cool:d cool cool
:dash: dash dash
:babycry: :babycry: :babycry:
:whisping: whisper whisper
:stars: stars stars
:hmm: hmm hmm
:Ameen: Ameen Ameen
:kpo8790 6yhkmce 6yhkmce
:babydance: :babydance: :babydance:
:scared: scared scared
:sawal: sawal sawal
:misji: misji misji
:nails: nails nails
:surender: surender surender
:victory: victory victory
:ops: oops oops
:welcome: welcome welcome
:fight: fight fight
:hun: hun hun
:coffee: coffee coffee
:2dmconze 2mo6znc 2mo6znc
2dibne: 2idgero 2idgero
2ewum: 2ewum 2ewum
:shonu: shonu shonu
:mail: mail mail
:see: see see
:flag: fg fg
:drum: drums drums
:please: please please
:myball: mybal mybal
:noooooooo: no no
:hot: hot hot
:candle: candle candle
:notworking: notwrking notwrking
:omg: omg omg
:behindsofa: behindsofa behindsofa
:paki: paki paki
:hungry: hungry hungry
:2a77rz: 2a77rz 2a77rz
:ok: ok ok
:link: link link
:d/load: download download
:too much info: too much info too much info
:apam: spam spam
:angel: angel angel
:thankx: thanks thanks
:bahut:achay: bahut achy bahut achy
:happy: happy happy
:cold: cold cold
:n/fair: not fair not fair
inshaAllah inshaAllah inshaAllah
:pece: peace peace
:jazakAllah: jazakAllah jazakAllah
:b/khoob: khoob khoob
:w.k.b.hai baat baat
:goodnite: goodnite goodnite
:@con confused confused
:cool-: cool cool
:noway: no way no way
:off topic: off topic off topic
:cycle: cycle cycle
download:@ download download
:locked: locked locked
:dontgo: dontgo dontgo
:oops: oops oops
:dyer: dryer dryer
ALLAH HAFIZ Allah hafiz Allah hafiz
:fan: fan fan
:ban' ban ban
:raining: raining raining
:firing: firing firing
dffddf fdff fdff
:giveme5: giveme5 giveme5
:mad: Mad Mad
:hug:- hug hug
:kit: knit knit
:sleepy: sleepy sleepy
:swing: swing swing
:spm: spam spam
:tanga: tanga tanga
:thatha: thahi thahi
:tickle: tickle tickle
:wave: wave wave
:g.:job goodjob goodjob
:surprised: surprized surprized
:yeahright: yeahright yeahright
taqreer;klk taqreer taqreer
king;' king king
prof: prof: prof:
eat;'#] eat eat
mu:9 mu: mu:
conn;'/ conn conn
subhanAllah subhanAllah subhanAllah
innocent00006 innocent00006 innocent00006
police: police: police:
drag2: drag2: drag2:
medi: medi: medi:
pc:@ pc:@ pc:@
singer: singer: singer:
ihjdhjd ihjdhjd ihjdhjd
pod5 pod5 pod5
drag_; drag_; drag_;
mash: mash: mash:
clap: clap: clap:
showoff.l; showoff/.;p showoff/.;p
girl_cry girl_cry girl_cry
plane plane plane
detective: detective: detective:
mafia: mafia: mafia:
hmmmm:# hmmmm:# hmmmm:#
ghyab/#' ghyab ghyab
piano piano./ piano./
ddd@ ddd@ ddd@
laie_58 laie_58 laie_58
salah salah salah
gftgu<.> gftgu gftgu
photo'# photo photo
dance: dance: dance:
laie_52 laie_52 laie_52
runningklkl running running
fire: fire: fire:
neelo5 neelo5 neelo5
dadi2 dadi2 dadi2
window:# window:# window:#
laie_21 laie_21 laie_21
rulex rulex rulex
fight: fight: fight:
neelo3 neelo3 neelo3
dadi1 dadi1 dadi1
war: war: war:
laie_4 laie_4 laie_4
reli: reli: reli:
fan111111 fan111111 fan111111
neeli2 neeli2 neeli2
dadi,.;[] dadi dadi
wah: wah: wah:
knight knight knight
read45 read45 read45
eid;- eid eid
:newspaper1 :newspaper1 :newspaper1
cry1 cry1 cry1
viannen viannen viannen
king2 king2 king2
rain8(; rain rain
:007: :007: :007:
efi134 efi134 efi134
neeli1 neeli1 neeli1
happy birthday:) happy birthday happy birthday
kite: kite: kite:
008[-=] 008 008
:29 :29 :29
:43: :43: :43:
990(1 990(1 990(1
alarm;/]# alarm alarm
appl: appl: appl:
archive; archive; archive;
baby: baby: baby:
jdhfj: jdhfj: jdhfj:
bili: bili: bili:
boxing>/'[ boxing boxing
bpod bpod bpod
bye2 bye2 bye2
c7 c7 c7
c13 c13 c13
emergency: emergency: emergency:
caveman caveman caveman
what'l@o what what
:amazing~# amazing amazing
:bad/smile' bad smile bad smile
cry~@ cry cry
:exciting#h0 exciting exciting
electric/shock7/?/5 electric shock electric shock
h7aha8:' haha haha
unhappy678: unhappy unhappy
:bomb:l9o bomb bomb
injury098@; injury injury
mafia786: mafia mafia
:smile:t smile smile
Yahoo Messenger Emoticons
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
#:-s whew! whew!
3:-O cow cow
~X( at wits' end at wits' end
:-? thinking thinking
;)) hee hee hee hee
:-/ confused confused
|-) sleepy sleepy
=:) bug bug
:-q thumbs down thumbs down
:-s worried worried
:@) pig pig
:-c call me call me
=P~ drooling drooling
>:/ bring it on bring it on
>:D< big hug big hug
=; talk to hand talk to hand
8-x skull skull
\m/ rock on rock on
<):) cowboy cowboy
:)] on the phone on the phone
b-) cool cool
(:| yawn yawn
\:D/ dancing dancing
;;) batting eyelashes batting eyelashes
:-B nerd nerd
*-:) idea idea
:!! hurry up hurry up
>:P phbbbbt phbbbbt
(*) star star
:> smug smug
<:-P party party
[-X shame on you shame on you
:D big green big green
o:-) angel angel
~o) coffee coffee
X_X i dont want to see i dont want to see
:-< sigh sigh
:-j oh go on oh go on
x-( angry angry
8-} silly silly
:)>- peace sigh peace sigh
;) winking winking
=)) rolling on the floor rolling on the floor
(~~) pumpkin pumpkin
:o3 puppy dog eyes puppy dog eyes
:-w waiting waiting
^:)^ not worthy not worthy
:-o surprise surprise
:o) clown clown
b-( feeling beat up feeling beat up
:( sad sad
/:) raise eyebrow raise eyebrow
**== flag flag
%-( not listening not listening
:^o liar liar
:-@ chatterbox chatterbox
=(( broken heart broken heart
[-( not talking not talking
:-" whistling whistling
[..] transformer transformer
:) happy happy
:| straight face straight face
%%- good luck good luck
:-?? i dont know i dont know
@-) hypnotized hypnotized
(%) yin yang yin yang
:-* kiss kiss
:-$ don't tel anyone don't tel anyone
$-) money eyes money eyes
:bz bee bee
:)) laughing laughing
@};- rose rose
8-> daydreaming daydreaming
:-ss nailbiting nailbiting
o-+ april april
:P tongue tongue
:-& sick sick
[-O< praying praying
:ar! pirate pirate
:(( crying crying
~:> chicken chicken
:-t time out time out
=D> applause applause
o=> billy billy
:"> blushing blushing
L-) loser loser
:-L frustrated frustrated
^#(^ it wasnt me it wasnt me
>:) devil devil
:(|) monkey monkey
:-h wave wave
#-o d'oh d'oh
o-> hiro hiro
:x love struck love struck
8-| rolling eyes rolling eyes
>-) alien alien
:-bd thumbs up thumbs up

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